Making Payments with the Website

How to Make Payments on the Website

Making Payments with Moonlighting has never been easier. With the launch of the website, users can now use the app or the web interchangeably to complete transactions. Whether you need to pay for a job completed through or outside Moonlighting, payments are quick and easy. No more hassle of getting cash from the ATM, writing a check (let alone finding your checkbook), or showing up in person just to swipe your card.

There are multiple ways to make a payment using the website:

1) On the right of every user’s profile. Completely fill out the payment form to send them money.

Payments Form on User Profile
Click “Send Money” once payment form is completed.


2) After you have clicked “I’m Available” on an opportunity, a button labeled “Send Payment” will appear. Click on it and a payment window will pop up!

Payments Button on Job Page
Click “Send Payment” below the job image.

3) Using the standard payment page. Fill out all the details and click “Send Money” to complete the transaction. If your payment details have not been entered, you will be prompted to do so.

Payments Page
Click “Send Money” once all the details are entered.

There are 2 ways to get to the payment page:

A) At top right of every page. Simply click “Send Money” to bring up the payment page.

Payments Button in the Toolbar
“Send Money” on the Far Right


B) Floating in the bottom right. Hover over the floating action button and a menu will pop up. Click “Send Money” for the payment page.

Action Button for Making Payments
Hover Over Floating Action Button, Click “Send Money.”


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