Welcome to Moonlighting for the Web

 Moonlighting is now more flexible than ever!

We have officially launched the web version of Moonlighting. After conducting a survey and receiving other feedback directly, the number one request was for us to create a web version of our marketplace. You asked, we listened. Here are some features that are now available through the web!

Job Categories

Every opportunity is now categorized into its most common type. Say for example you are looking for a handyman. Now all you have to do is click the category “Handyman” and it will instantly generate a list of all the handyman available. Take a look at the different categories available via the image below!

moonlighting web launch

Flexible Pricing

With the web you now have access to flexible pricing. You are now able to distinguish whether a job is fixed, hourly, daily, or monthly. You can also include if the job is virtual, what category it belongs in, and when and if it expires. As you are filling out your post you will see a live preview of it along the right side of the page.

website launch

Search Filters

With the new search filters, you can find exactly what you what in seconds. If you only want to see opportunities to make money, click “Make Money” under type. Instantly, all the opportunities to make money will show up. You can choose to filter those results even further if you like. Simply select the any of the options under “Scope” and “Categories”. Finding exactly what you want is now easier than ever!

Screenshot 2015-07-10 19.09.59

Web Access Granted

These are just a few features of what Moonlighting on the web can do for you. We are excited to get this into your hands and hear your feedback. Let us know of anything positive or critical thoughts you have on the new website. We can’t wait to hear and connect! To connect, email us at [email protected]

Explore the web version here: moonlightingapp.com


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