Inc. – The Growing Importance of the “Gig Economy”

The “gig” or “sharing” economy is representative of what entrepreneurs aspire to accomplish and is representative of the future of work.

The “gig” or “sharing” economy represents a boon to entrepreneurship. While this trend is the topic of much debate in the political arena, it represents the core underlying belief system all entrepreneurs share – build a way to make money for yourself doing something that you enjoy and on your own terms.

Technology and business models enabling this new economy remove some of the greatest barriers individuals run into trying to start their own venture–setting up, finding work, getting paid and building a reputation in a given space.

For example, Caroline Marks is a CPA who was working in a very traditional job for a CPA firm. She decided to start her own practice so she would have the flexibility to stay at home with her kids. She uses Moonlighting, an app that connects participants in the sharing economy and facilitates payment, to promote her services and get work.

Caroline is a proponent of the “gig economy”. Caroline shares, “I am the primary breadwinner for my family. Moonlighting gives me the ability to be a participant in my child’s lives while allowing me to earn a living”.

Caroline’s clients get the advantage of a qualified CPA to manage their books and only pay for the time they use. Apps such as Moonlighting give your company the ability to tap into resources that you may not be able to afford otherwise, another benefit of this new trend.

Apps like Moonlighting and Uber include review and rating features. These models establish a fundamental shift in the relationship between employer and employee by empowering both. Individuals can pick and choose the companies and projects they want to work on–or the passenger they want to pick up.

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By Eric Holtzclaw
Inc, July 14, 2015


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