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Moonlighting–holding a second or third job–isn’t a new concept, but connecting individuals who provide services with those who need them has seen dramatic changes. Classifieds have gone the way of the dinosaur and Craigslist can be creepy. Jeff Tennery, the CEO and creator of Moonlighting, has developed a way to approach the person-to-person economy differently.

Moonlighting is a modern version of the classifieds. It creates both buyer and seller markets. Sellers can list their products or services and buyers can reply with an offer to purchase. The app also supports the reverse–a request for a service can be made, such as lawn care or pet-sitting, and individuals can offer to fulfill the request. Moonlighting creates a safe and secure social platform that brings people together in support of the mobile-first sharing economy. The Moonlighting app makes payment a nonissue and re-energizes a dated way of doing things.

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By Eric Holtzclaw
Inc, June 23, 2015

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