New Moonlighting Website Sneak Peek #2

New Moonlighting Website

The new Moonlighting website is only days away from providing a more accessible and feature-rich platform in which to make money and get stuff done! The website allows Moonlighters to create posts, send and receive payments, and contact other Moonlighters right from their browser. In addition to matching everything the app can do, the website provides some exciting new features as well.

We expanded the options available when creating a post based on the feedback we’ve received from Moonlighters like you! Last week we talked about how Moonlighters can to choose the job category and whether or not the job can be done virtually, but that’s not all. Moonlighters can now do the following:

Choose what type of price they are offering

  • Fixed
  • Hourly
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Add an expiration date

  • Distinguish between an urgent need and an upcoming project
  • Outdated jobs will no longer show up in searches

Add #tags (separately from the job description)

  • Makes your post come up in more search results
  • Allows the job description to be nothing but specific details

And the pictures will be higher quality!

Thanks for Moonlighting with us!

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