| New Website Sneak Peek | Moonlighting Coming to the Web Soon

After months of hard work, we are getting really close to launching, the new Moonlighting website which will give you all of the app’s features online! You will be able to use your desktop, laptop or other large screen devices to create posts, make and receive payments, and contact other users. Just as you would on the app. The website will also bring some exciting new features right to your fingertips!

One of my favorites is the introduction of categories. To make it easier to search for posts relevant to you, there will be 10 categories that will allow you to browse related jobs. To further your ability to create relevant searches, we created filters that you can turn on and off for a range of different parameters including:

  • Category
  • Virtual or Not
  • Get Stuff Done or Make Money Now
  • Local or Global

And you can save your searches!

Like always…  thanks for Moonlighting with us!

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