Opportunity Spotlight: Chicago, IL

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The Windy City has been the birthplace of many things of note…the Twinkie, Walt Disney, The Ferris Wheel, and most importantly, Martin Cooper. The Chicago inventor’s most famous invention is probably in your hand or pocket right now: The Cell Phone. His invention is the key tool of Moonlighters to make money and get stuff done. Check out what Moonlighters in Chicago are doing with his invention below!

Looking to hire someone? Check out some of the skills and services offered:

1. Home/Office Cleaner
2. Business/IT Adviser
3. Website Designer
4. Handyman
5. Babysitter/Dogwalker
6. Electrician

Want to be hired? Moonlighters are looking for help with the following:

1. Simple Bathroom Remodel
2. Run Electricity from Home to Workshop
3. Hang a Front Door
4. Install Closet Fixtures
5. Admin Help with My Business
6. Run Gas & Electricity for New Pool

Thanks for Moonlighting with us!

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