Opportunity Spotlight: New York, NY


Moonlighting | New York Opportunities

It is no surprise that New York City has a lot of active Moonlighters – with 8.4 million people, there are bound to be opportunities everywhere. This year, New Yorkers have seen more jobs created outside of Wall Street and other more traditional sectors than ever before. Want to know what Moonlighters in the Big Apple are up to? Check out some of the jobs below to see how New Yorkers are getting things done and making money!

Looking to hire someone? Check out some of the skills and services offered:

1. Programmer Available
2. Electrician, Plumber, and Carpenter
3. Security/Body Guard and Protection Services
4. Pet CPR Class
5. Construction Skills

Want to be hired? These Moonlighters are looking for some help:

1. Driver/Operator for Generator
2. Brick Work Needed
3. Reach Truck Rental Needed
4. Bathroom Renovation
5. Auto Body Work

Thanks for Moonlighting with us!

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