The Top 5 Social Media Management Tools for Moonlighters

In order to maximize your potential for success on social media, we suggest using the management tools that most social media gurus use themselves. Here at Moonlighting, we like the following apps and websites for managing our own social media:

Hootsuite – Use Hootsuite to automate some of your posts to Twitter and Facebook (and other social media sites) so that you can give your followers content even when you aren’t at your computer. For more tech saavy users, it gives you access to analytics as well where you can track your posts and see how others interact with them. Free for individuals.

Buffer – Schedule social media posts ahead of time and share content on major social media platforms. Very user friendly and intuitive. Offers a relatively affordable price point at $10 a month, but is free for a trial period to see if it fits your needs.

Mention – While Hootsuite and Buffer track your engagement, Mention aggregates “mentions” from everywhere on the web. You can set up alerts for your company or for keywords and phrases that relate to your area of interest. It’s really handy for keeping track of who’s talking about what you care about, without having to comb through hundreds of social media sites and webpages. You can also respond to tweets, comments and other interactions within Mention on their dashboard. Free version is limited but useful.

IF by IFTTT – An app that allows you to easily handle multiple apps. Users create ‘recipes’ that serve as commands; an example would be that IF: I take a picture, THEN: save the picture to my Dropbox. Really useful for managing social media because it allows your social media to interact with other apps without having to create different content. Free.

Facebook Page Manager – With Facebook as the largest social medium, it’s critical to be able to manage engagement on your company or personal page. The Page Manager keeps your Facebook profile separate from your page, allowing you to post, manage your ads, and see what posts are most engaging to your followers. You can also boost posts, promote your website or page – all in the same place. Free.


Hopefully these tools can help you manage your posts from Moonlighting and your general social media postings so that your online presence is a strong and engaging one!

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