Teaching a Nation to Fish

“Give a man a fish; and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” Maimonides

There is such truth in what the prominent philosopher wrote back in the middle ages. And Maimonides words ring true today in our technologically advanced society. People are seeking solutions to help them earn a better living but don’t know where to turn.

And like many of us, we are overbooked, over-stressed and need tools that can take minutes not days to deploy. Which is why we built Moonlighting for you.

We introduced our Moonlighting University to help you expedite your dream job, launch that business you always wanted and to supplement an income stream that is not making ends meet. The tutorial series takes minutes not hours to go through and is intended to ignite your passion to be your own boss.

Moonlighting University Click here http://moonlightingapp.com/university/

Moonlighting was designed from the ground up to be your instant rod, reel and tackle box. A complete tool chest to empower you to create your own sharing economy business instantly.

Within seconds, you can:

  • Offer a job anytime, anywhere
  • Offer to hire someone to help get your business rolling
  • Share it instantly with trusted friends and colleagues you already know on social media to help you find clients or workers
  • Make or receive payments instantly and safely right from your mobile phone at a fraction of the cost of other sharing economy apps

We’re teaching the nation how to fish and giving them the tools to be successful. Now in over 1,300 cities across the country, people don’t have to wait for the sharing economy to come to their town or city. They can build their own dream career and start Moonlighting right now. From Mom’s who want to work from home to the aspiring first time entrepreneurs and small business owners, they are all joining the revolution and learning how to make money on their terms.

Moonlighting is providing the bait and tackle so that American workers can flourish in today’s 1099 employment marketplace.

Come join us and change the way you earn a living forever.

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