Opportunity Spotlight: Washington, DC

Washington DC has been packed full of Moonlighters becoming their own president. They are the busiest city on Moonlighting this week, and well deserving with job growth over 120%! Check out our other opportunity spotlights in Jacksonville, FLSan Francisco, CA and Charlottesville, VA.

Connect with Moonlighters in DC and Make Money Now or Get Stuff Done with these opportunities:

Make Money Now:

  1. Event planning: $200
  2. Shovel Snow: $100
  3. 3D Printing Troubleshooting: $150
  4. Videographer and Editor: $500
  5. UI/UX Designer: $1,000


Get Stuff Done:

  1. Personal Trainer: $50
  2. Snow removal: $12
  3. Writer and Editor: $20
  4. Electric Edger: $40
  5. Weekly maintenance: $50

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