How to Create a Compelling Profile

Now that you’ve learned how to go about creating your profile, let’s talk about how to make it look professional and compelling. If you can create a complete and good-looking profile, your chances of being selected for jobs drastically increase!

FAST FACT: Moonlighters with complete and professional profiles are 8x more likely to be seriously considered for an opportunity than those who don’t have a picture or lack information in their bio.

Profile Picture Selection

One of the best things you can do for yourself is add a picture that conveys how you want to portray yourself. What this means is that people associate your picture and profile with the kind of work you do, and you want to come across in the best way possible. If you are interested in pet sitting, choose a picture with one of the animals you’ve watched; if you’re a handyman, let’s see a picture of you at work; if you are looking for a more corporate-type position, then use a picture of you wearing a suit and tie. This is important because people immediately associate your image with what you do. There is no need to have professional headshots taken, but if it’s possible, try to avoid using selfies.

Skills and Jobs – Be Specific!

It is easy to get excited about making money or hiring the right people, which can make it difficult to determine what information is applicable and relevant to your profile. Try to keep your profile information coherent and focused. You want to add specific keywords that will help people find you through the search function. List skills & services separated by a comma, as each word or phrase you use acts similarly to a hashtag for your profile. Do your best to focus on the one or two areas that represent your best skills and qualifications!

Tell the World How Amazing You Are In Your Bio

This section is your opportunity to tell other Moonlighters more about yourself and give them better insight into your capabilities! It can be a short elevator pitch about why an employer should hire you, more in-depth information about your educational and work history, or simply personal information you want to share to help market yourself! Regardless of what strategy you use, make sure that there are no grammatical/spelling errors!

These are just a few tips on how to create a compelling and complete profile to help you put your best foot forward on the Moonlighting platform. If you would like assistance in improving your profile, contact [email protected]. We would be happy to help!

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