Opportunity Spotlight: Jacksonville, FL

Moonlighting has swept across the country with over 1,300 cities full of avid Moonlighters, according to the M.O.O.N Report. Over the past two weeks we highlighted Charlottesville, VA and San Francisco, CA, cities that have shown job growth over 250%! This week we are highlighting Jacksonville, Florida. Small businesses, M.O.M’s, personal assistants and more can all be found Moonlighting in Jacksonville. Here is a guide just for you, Jacksonville, so you can Make Money Now and Get Stuff Done!

Get Stuff Done:

  1. Handyman work: $35 http://bit.ly/1vk4Lah
  2. Tax return special: $225 http://bit.ly/1vJNqma
  3. Resume writing: $100 http://bit.ly/1vjI0Dq
  4. Professional chauffeur: $65 http://bit.ly/1CMWfkm
  5. Mobile detailing: $50 http://bit.ly/1AMn0rj
  6. Professional video services: $50 http://bit.ly/1COs4ZZ
  7. Contracting/remodeling home repairs: $35 http://bit.ly/1vk4N1Z
  8.  Airport transfers/local transportation: $65 http://bit.ly/1AODSOo
  9. FLIR thermal imaging: $10 http://bit.ly/1vjHYM2
  10. Sign designer: $60 http://bit.ly/1DDP9zY

Make Money Now:

  1. Airport transportation: $65   http://bit.ly/1vjI0Do
  2. Prepare lawnmower for spring: $30 http://bit.ly/1vjHZ2i
  3. Organize files: $25 http://bit.ly/1vJNsud
  4. Algebra Tutor: $10/hr http://bit.ly/1vk4NPH
  5. Local Accountant: $100 http://bit.ly/1COkzSH
  6. Dance Instructor: $1,800 http://bit.ly/1AMf4qj
  7. Trim tree:$75 http://bit.ly/1COkvCv
  8. IRS Client Services: $2,500 http://bit.ly/1COkvCv
  9. Organize kitchen cabinets: $50 http://bit.ly/1vk4LqZ
  10. Pick up and deliver coffee table: $20 http://bit.ly/1vjI0Du

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