Making Your Make Money Now Post Look Great!

Creating a job posting is very simple. In fact, if you are pressed for time it’s easy to quickly throw a few words together, snap a selfie and post it (I’m looking at you, Mr. My Two Word Summary Creates More Questions than it Answers). While that may be the fastest way to make a post, it is definitely not the fastest way to get hired. The key to getting hired is to craft a professional and persuasive post – the words and pictures you choose should convince a potential employer that YOU are the best Moonlighter to hire!


You job title should attract the attention of Moonlighters who need your services. There are two ways to find a post and you should be thinking about both of them when crafting a title. Not only can people find jobs simply be scrolling through the job feed, but they can also find jobs by typing keywords in the search bar. You should try and anticipate people searching for your job and include the keywords in your title that will make your post easy for others to find. Be specific without going into the details, which you should include in the summary. Lastly, it’s easy to forget but crucial to check your title spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Your title should be no longer than this. Anything longer than the previous sentence will cause the title to be cut off, which is not ideal.


You want to write a summary that both adequately describes the services you have to offer and simultaneously convinces potential customers that you are worth hiring. The description should include relevant details that answers the immediate and natural questions that a potential customer would have upon seeing your title and clicking on it. If there is an aspect of your service that has to be custom tailored to each individual customer, invite readers to contact you to discuss these specifics rather than excluding any mention of them.

Remember, the summary is like your sales pitch or your elevator summary, and if it does not convince potential customers, they are moving on to another post that will. Errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and organization could very well cost you a potential customer. You only have 300 characters available to write your post so to your best to answer any foreseeable questions and try to be as descriptive as possible! You should be proud of the work that you do, and you want your job post to reflect that hard work and effort.

Zip Code

The purpose of the zip code is to let customers know where you are based, and more importantly which local feeds you should up in. If you personally live in the outskirts of city but primarily work in city, put the zip code of that city. This will allow you to reach more local feeds and more potential customers! Depending on your availability, it may be worth including in your job summary that you are willing to travel and service certain areas or that you can even do work virtually.


The purpose of the price is to give customers close estimate of what they will be paying for your services. A common error is to only put your hourly rate, and people may think that is the rate for the entire job. This could cause two potential reactions, first they may think you are underqualified and will do a poor job since you are so cheap, or second they may be frustrated upon finding that they will have to pay more than they originally thought.  If you think there will be confusion, you can always use the summary to clarify.

Remember, the payment function on the app is flexible, you can always edit your job and update or change the price to reflect the amount of work you are offering. Also, if you end up doing more work than the job is listed for, the employer can always use the PAY NOW feature for any additional payment.


The purpose of adding photos to your post is to make your post stand out in the job stream and to show examples of your work. Photos should always be relevant to the job. Random or awkward photos will greatly decrease your chances of being hired.

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