Creating a Make Money Now Post

Moonlighting is a tool for entrepreneurs and people like you who are looking to grow their business. The Moonlighting app is designed to help Moms earn money from home, for small businesses to expand their customer base, and to help full time workers moonlight to supplement their income. Everyday Moonlighting helps people get paid for their unique skills!

Now that you are ready to offer your services and get hired, it is the perfect time for you to post a job the app! Follow these easy steps to create a Make Money Now post:

  1. Go to the Home Screen.
  2. Select Make Money Now, the bottom yellow bar. This will bring you to the job creation page that will allow you to make a job post for other Moonlighters to hire you.
  3. Fill in the blanks.
    • Title- short description of your skills without going into details
    • Summary- Where all the details and helpful specifics go
    • Zip code- Where the you are located (Use the summary section to describe how far you can travel to work, if necessary)
    • Price- Put the most accurate price you can
    • Add photos- Clear photos relevant to the job are best
  4. Click Add to Moonlighting. This will post your job to Moonlighting!
  5. Share your post. Use the Social Media buttons to increase your visibility and get hired by someone within your trusted network!

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