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Charlottesville, VA – Wednesday, February 18, 2015Moonlighting, LLC, the first “get anything done” marketplace, today announced the availability of Moonlighting University, an educational platform created to transform dedicated workers into knowledgeable entrepreneurs. Moonlighting lets anyone participate in the new sharing economy and collaborate to create and fill jobs in every state across the country. With the introduction of the Moonlighting University, individuals can learn how to create new job opportunities for themselves and to market their services, helping to bridge the small business opportunity gap anywhere and anytime.

Educational Platform Trains the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Moonlighting is the only mobile market where you can hire or be hired instantaneously anywhere in the country. With “Moonlighters” in more than 1300 cities, the company is focused on providing insightful training to its participants on how to leverage the Moonlighting marketplace and offering focused instruction to grow each person’s small business.

Investing in the Future of the Middle-Class Economy

Moonlighting sits at the crossroads of social networking, mobile commerce, job discoverability and the expanding sharing economy arena. Across the nation, individuals and small businesses are empowered to create, share and fulfill jobs. Instead of charging for education, Moonlighting is actually investing $10 in participants that complete the Moonlighting University process. Moonlighting is helping people to transform their income and positively impact the economy of the middle-class with new opportunities and jobs.

In January, Moonlighting’s five-star app was featured first in the Business category in the Apple App Store. Moonlighting, available on iOS and Android devices, continues to be the only two-sided marketplace that allows individuals to both hire someone or find a job, and to make or receive payments for services all from the same mobile platform. The new Moonlighting University is an educational platform for anyone that wants to transform their personal income.

“Moonlighting continues to inspire a new generation of workers who have decided to empower themselves.  Our platform was designed from day one to allow everyone in the country to promote the jobs they really want to do.  The mission is clear for us, we need to bring the sharing economy to the people who need it most so they springboard the career they always dreamed of.  Our free Moonlighting University will teach millions of American workers how to make money quickly right from their mobile phone,” said Founder and CEO Jeff Tennery.

Moonlighting Student Shares His Story

“I joined the Moonlighting revolution so that I can make extra money as a I put myself through school. Their university tutorial showed me how to promote my social marketing skills to friends on Facebook & Twitter and get more clients. I don’t have to sit around and wait for business to come to me. I can use the app to proactively make it happen on my schedule,” said Matae Bartae, College Student, Full Sail University.

M.O.O.N. Report Shows New Job Growth at 123%

The newly released M.O.O.N. Report highlights that job growth in the marketplace has increased by 123% since December. Moonlighting’s top 5 fastest growing markets for jobs and opportunities include social media marketing, web development, personal assistant services, babysitting and childcare, personal driving and handyman services.

With men and women in all 50 states posting and fulfilling jobs, Moonlighting’s reach also extends well past the major metropolitan areas and into 1300 communities across the country. Small businesses are benefitting from Moonlighting’s marketplace and hiring employees for part time and freelance work as copywriters, personal assistants, accounts, graphic designers and social media marketers.

About Moonlighting

Privately held, Moonlighting is the first open and on-demand marketplace that empowers people to earn extra money or get something they need done quickly. Rising above job boards and digital classifieds, Moonlighting creates a virtual marketplace for individuals and small businesses, enabling efficient communication between those hiring and those looking to be hired. Using Moonlighting’s mobile-optimized, on-demand platform, individuals can easily identify people to hire and jobs they can fill. Users eliminate anonymity by posting jobs and sharing them within their trusted social networks or with friends in their contact book. Moonlighting was built from the ground up for the mobile economy. For more information about Moonlighting, please visit

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