Making Your Get Stuff Done Post Look Great

Creating a job posting is very simple. So simple, that it is really easy to quickly throw a few words together and post it. I’m looking at you Mr. Lack of a Summary and One Word Job Title and Ms. I Put My Whole Job Description in the Title.  While that may be the fastest way to making a post, it is definitely not the fastest way to finding the right people to hire. Line by line I will guide to creating a great post that will give you much better chance of hiring the right worker.


The purpose of the title is to attract the attention of the Moonlighters that can perform your services. There are two ways to find a post and you should be thinking about both when crafting a title. Not only can people find jobs simply by scrolling through the job stream, but they can find jobs by searching with the search bar. You should anticipate people searching for your job and as such should include keywords in your title that makes it easy to find. You want to find a balance between being specific, so people will click on your post, and not going into specifics, which you should save for the summary. As with the whole of your post, you need to check your title spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Your title should be no longer than this. Anything longer than the previous sentence and will cause the title to be cut off.


The purpose of the summary is to both adequately describe the services you need performed and to convince potential employees that the job is worth doing. Your description should include relevant details that answers the immediate and natural questions that a potential employee would have upon seeing your title and clicking on it. As the summary is a brief job description, invite readers to contact you to further discuss the detail of the job. Errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and organization could very well cost you a good worker. If your post makes no sense, you are not going to get any responses.

Zip Code

The purpose of the zip code is to let potential employees know where the job will be performed, and more importantly which local feeds you should show up in. If you personally live in the outskirts of city but primarily work in city, put the zip code of that city. This will allow you to reach more local feeds and more potential customers! Depending on your availability, it may be worth including that you are willing to travel or the service area you cover in your job summary.


The purpose of the price is to give potential employees a close estimate of what they will be earning by working for you. With many jobs, especially ones involving manual labor, it can be difficult to accurately know how much a job will cost. Put your best guess, and do not try to undercut they price. If you are too far off, potential employees will be discouraged and think that it is not worth the effort. If you think there may be confusion, you can always use the summary to clear it up. Remember, the payment function on the app allows you to insert the price they pay you so it can match the services performed. The price you put in the post is not locked as the only price you can pay.


The purpose of adding photos to your post is to make your post stand out in the job stream and be relevant to the job. This could include a preview of work that needs to be done, stock photos related to the industry, and or perhaps a company logo. Random and awkward photos will greatly decrease your chance of being hired.

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