3 Quick Tips for Creating a Professional Moonlighting Profile

Is your profile helping or hurting you? Having a complete and polished profile on a social network is important for creating connections and even more so on Moonlighting. Your Moonlighting profile is like a mini resume. The twist? It is always live and available for others to see. People will be looking at your profile to determine whether they want to contact you for a job or accept your offer. Simply put, your profile may be the distinguishing factor between landing a job or not.

“People who have failed to build and maintain a strong social media presence, including older or less technically savvy workers, may receive fewer job inquiries.”

-Ali Chambers VP of ClearRock

These profile tips will set you on your way to crafting your own brand — and will allow you to represent yourself in the best way possible.

  1. Profile Picture
    First impressions are everything and your profile picture is your first impression to a prospective client. You want a clear and professional looking photo. Posting an blurry or awkward photo could prevent you from landing a job. Selfies are not recommended.
  2. Skills
    Skills offer a quick look into your expertise. Be sure to include skills that best reflect what you do and be concise. Being the jack-of-all-trades is fine in some situations, but representing yourself as an expert or professional in a particular field adds more strength to your persona.
  3. Bio
    The bio is a great place to expand on your skills. Add things like years of experience, job history, and success stories. This will show the potential client you mean business. Avoid random information; remember you are presenting your resume to a potential client!

These 3 tips are here to help you remove any barriers that stand between you and a job opportunity. They will equip you to be represented as the professional you are.  What other tips to success have you found to be effective? Be sure to comment below and share your feedback!

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