Where Should You Share Jobs?

Once you’ve posted your job on Moonlighting, it’s time to sit back and wait for responses, right? Not quite. In fact, if you don’t share your job with people in your social networks then you’re missing out on one of the key components of Moonlighting.

Sharing your job is one of the simplest and most important ways to increase responses to your post! If you created a Get Stuff Done job, sharing lets people in your network know that you are hiring. On the other hand, if you posted a Make Money Now job, sharing is a quick and easy way to market and promote yourself.

Sharing your job increases your visibility, and raises awareness among people in your existing social networks. The more people that know you are available for work, the more you improve your chances of getting hired. Help your friends, help you by sharing your job!

Now that you understand the importance of sharing, which social media should you use? Should you only share on Twitter? What jobs should you post to LinkedIn? Read below to get all the details about what mediums are best for which jobs!


Facebook is the perfect medium for almost any job. It’s especially great for sharing local jobs that your FB friends can help you fulfill. So if you are looking for a babysitter, landscaper, or personal assistant, share to FB! Sharing to Facebook now includes your job title, description and your image (if you uploaded one).


You probably have a different set of followers on Twitter than you do on Facebook so it’s really important to share your job on both channels. Twitter is also perfect for sharing jobs that can be done virtually or remotely. If you are a graphic designer or web developer and can work virtually, you definitely want to share your job on Twitter. Add a fun or trending #hashtag to grow your visibility even more!


LinkedIn is the perfect network to share professional and white-collar jobs. People on this site are generally more interested in services like: personal assistant, graphic designer, social media and web marketer, SEO specialist, photographer, or writer.

Use the text and email share button to send the job with specific people who you think would be interested in the job. These people could include previous employers, employees, colleagues, or even friends interested in your work. Directly send them a job through text message or email!

Contact Book – SMS

Sending a text is a quick and personal way to reach out to people in your contact book who you think could be interested in the job.


Email is great for sharing because it allows you to customize the message you send with the link to your job post.

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