Trivia Tuesday – Can Moonlighting be used to pay and receive money?

YES!!  Moonlighting has built-in payment tools, currently with no transaction fees.

You can send and receive money on demand – completely FREE, with NO TRANSACTION FEES – right from your phone!!
Not only can you pay fellow Moonlighters for completing services and jobs directly through the app, you can easily:
– pay someone who you already do business with
– split dinner with a friend
– send an allowance to your kid
– make good on an IOU

There are endless possibilities!

To Send $ – from the home screen click “PAY NOW”, add the contact you wish to send, fill out the amount, click “PAY NOW” or,

If you want to pay someone already on the app, click “Search” on the home screen, type their name, click on the user, click “Pay Now”

It’s simple, secure and convenient.


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