How to Share

There are many different reasons to share a Moonlighting post. If you created an opportunity, you want to share it with every network you have. Maybe you are talking with an acquaintance who mentions that they have a specific skill and you think they would be interested in a job on the app. Or you may want to send an open marketing job to a friend who you know has experience in advertising. Instead of telling them about the job, share it with them so they can respond to it directly on Moonlighting.

To share an opportunity, there is a default share page. The share page contains a link to your E-mail, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. On Android devices, there is also a share button to access all other applications on your device that allow you to share the post. There are three different scenarios to share a post: as soon as you create a post, after you have created a post, and when you come across a post in the local or global feed created by another user.

Here are the steps for sharing opportunities for each of the three scenarios:

  1. Creating a Post – As soon as you create a post and click Add to Moonlighting, the share page opens.
  2. After You Have Created a Post – From the home screen, select Me, in the top white bar. Then select the post you want to share. On the bottom right of the screen, select Share, and this will take you to the share page.
  3. Other Jobs – Select the job you want to share from the job feed. On the bottom right of the screen is a Share button, selecting it will take you to the share page.

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