What it Means to Have Shareable Content

Moonlighting provides any person with the ability to jump into business for themselves. While you may not be Starbucks or Home Depot, you have your own set of unique skills, products, and services to offer your community. The problem – how do your neighbors and people in your network know that you can walk their dog or fix their sink? How do you make local businesses aware of your website design services? If you are a small business owner, how can you find a reliable, five-star web developer without spending money on advertisements? Moonlighting provides the answer by helping you capitalize on your trusted networks.

Moonlighting is here to help connect you with potential clients and customers who are already around you. Moonlighting allows you to craft the details of your service into an easy to digest message. In other words, by posting on Moonlighting you turn your skills and services into a piece of shareable content that is primed and ready to be shared with the world! If you have any questions about creating appealing and compelling job content, be sure to check out our other articles.

Creating your post is only the first step to getting hired. It is critical to take the next steps and market it to those around you, then someone in your community can hire you or help you fulfill the opportunity. People with closer social connections are more likely to hire you and are safer and more trustworthy to work with. Sharing your post on social media is so important because in doing so, you reach out to your trusted network filled with people who might hire you or refer you to their friends. Word of mouth is very important and social media is one of the easiest ways to spread it.

Whether you looking to Make Money Now or Get Stuff Done, you probably want to save as much money as you can – which is another reason why sharing on social media is so important – it’s completely free! With a few click on your phone, you can post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can see the differences and advantages of each in this article: blog.moonlightingapp.com/2015/04/where-should-you-share-jobs/. You can even share through Email or SMS to directly send your post with those you know.

By using the sharing feature on Moonlighting, you greatly increase the chance of hiring or getting hired for two reasons. First, your post will be available not only to the Moonlighting community, but all the people in your network as well. Second, Moonlighting give you the means to create an opportunity post with details, pictures, and links for sharing. Think of it a virtual business card for the cyberworld.

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