Moonlighting Featured on the Apple App Store

We are very excited to announce that our app is featured on the Apple App Store!

Moonlighting App Store Feature

We want to thank our fellow Moonlighters for all of your support and for joining the revolution — we owe much of our success to you. Our work here, however, is only just beginning. We are working diligently to ensure that we create the best possible experience for you, our users, and to help you get things done and make money now.

With our recent release announcing Moonlighting’s nationwide availability, we are looking to reach people across the country with an entrepreneurial spirit — not just those in certain cities or towns. Moonlighting is for everyone, so be sure to continue spreading the word. Tell your friends and people you know, who are looking to change their lives in a positive way, to start Moonlighting!

As always, thanks for Moonlighting with us!

Roy Slater, Co-Founder & Moonlighter

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