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First Industry Report Released on 1099 Sharing Economy Showing 216% Growth in People Who Are Moonlighting

Charlottesville, VA – Wednesday, January 14, 2015 – Moonlighting, LLC, the first open and on-demand, “get anything done” marketplace, today announced its nationwide availability. Moonlighting is the only two-sided marketplace that allows individuals to hire or be hired, and to make or receive payments for services all from the same mobile platform. Moonlighting lets everyone participate in the new “sharing economy” and collaborate to create and fill jobs across the country.

M.O.O.N. Report on the Burgeoning 1099 Economy

Highlighting the growing peer-to-peer “sharing economy” and its financial impact, Moonlighting has published its first comprehensive report on how the nation is “moonlighting” through multiple financial opportunities. The monthly M.O.O.N. Report™ (Mobile Optimized On-Demand Network) tells the story of the American Moonlighter and reveals the economic trends taking place in the new 1099 society. A burgeoning 1099 society for self-employment has replaced the traditional W-2 status as many Americans were forced to shift away from being W-2 employees in a lackluster economy.

The M.O.O.N. Report offers insight into Moonlighting’s platform and the opportunities for the future of the 1099 economy. Data aggregated from thousands of users and transactions highlights that Moonlighters run the gamut from students, to parents, to entrepreneurs, to those supplementing their 9 to 5 incomes and freelancers who embrace freedom and flexibility. Moonlighters currently represent 49 states and are growing virally day-by -day through social media.

Peer-to-Peer Moonlighting Marketplace

Moonlighting’s platform lets anyone at anytime post a job or select an opportunity they may want to pursue. The Moonlighting marketplace is more than a job board, however, it redefines commerce by facilitating transactions between peers and securing payments through a first-of–its-kind mobile payments platform.

Moonlighting Mom Shares her Story

Caroline Marks is Moonlighting. She is a single mother of 2 who is benefitting from Moonlighting’s two-sided market. Caroline is a CPA who has recently started her own small firm, COS Management, in Jacksonville, FL. Caroline not only offers her own CPA services on Moonlighting, she also posts services that she needs to get done, such as fence painting, babysitting, etc. Caroline posts on Moonlighting when she needs help eliminating the awkward “how can I help you?” that friends offer one another in difficult times.

“In such a short time, Moonlighting has been able to impact the lives of thousands of people, like Caroline, in such a positive way.” Founder and CEO Jeff Tennery added  “We are resurrecting and re-defining the term “Moonlighting” and purposely built it to work everywhere unlike many Uber knock offs so we can help legions of people and small businesses create and fulfill their own dreams.”

About Moonlighting
Privately held, Moonlighting is the first open and on-demand marketplace that empowers people to earn extra money or get something they need done quickly. Rising above job boards and digital classifieds, Moonlighting creates a virtual marketplace for individuals and small businesses, enabling efficient communication between those hiring and those looking to be hired. Using Moonlighting’s mobile-optimized, on-demand platform, individuals can easily identify people to hire and jobs they can fill. Users eliminate anonymity by posting jobs and sharing them within their trusted social networks or with friends in their contact book. Moonlighting was built from the ground up for the mobile economy. For more information about Moonlighting, please visit

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Press Contact:
Catherine Jolly
Director of Public Relations
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Moonlighting Contact:
Jeff Tennery
Founder & CEO
(434) 760-0921
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