The Most Important New Year’s Resolution of All

At the stroke of midnight, millions of people rang in the year with the boundless optimism inherent in the promise of a new beginning. Once again, people made resolutions with the intention to positively alter the way they live, work, and play. Even when we let our previous resolutions fall by the wayside, we persist in our hope that this year will somehow be different. Here at Moonlighting, we believe that 2015 will be that year.

In our marketplace, we have the good fortune to see many of these resolutions come to fruition in the community we have created to help people fulfill them. The Moonlighting Marketplace was built to help people improve their earnings capability and accomplish personal and household goals on a daily basis — goals that are often the focus of plans for the New Year.

Moonlighting has quickly spread nationwide to 49 states, helping everyone from teens to retirees realize this year’s resolutions. Please check out the latest M.O.O.N. Report showcasing the behavior of the average American on Moonlighting:

  • Moms that want to claim back some of their precious time are hiring trusted people to care for their children, pets, or elderly parents
  • Highly talented and motivated Millennials are offering creative job opportunities to jump-start their career
  • Small businesses eager to both hire part-time help and promote their unique offerings are growing their customer bases at a fraction of the previous years costs

In 2015, a new phenomenon is unfolding right before our eyes. Thousands of people are empowering themselves by activating their social networks to help them hire or be hired in this dawning age of 1099 employment. Gone are the days where full-time employment for one company is the norm. By simply using their mobile device for a few minutes a day, “Moonlighters”, as we affectionately call them, promote their talents and hiring needs to friends, family and trusted work colleagues. Moonlighting gives them a means to take control of their time and lead a more fulfilled lifestyle.  

We believe the most important resolution you can make this year is to empower yourself. Taking control and responsibility to actively pursue your personal and professional dreams is paramount to leading a healthy and prosperous life.

Say goodbye to the antiquated use of Craigslist and ineffective job sites – join the Moonlighting revolution. It’s a New Year’s resolution we promise you won’t regret come 2016.

Jeff Tennery, CEO and Founder

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