Creating and Maintaining a Positive Brand Reputation

Every time someone sees content you created, they form an opinion that contributes to your brand reputation. Your profile, posts, communication with customers, and social media presence, all go into your “brand” reputation. Both in and out of the app is it vitally important to create and maintain a positive reputation.

As you create content online, here are several best practices to follow:

Separate Personal from Professional

You may be your own small business of one, but that does not mean that people should have to contact you through your personal Facebook page to hire you. You also do not want your private life broadcasted for all your customers to see. Your interactions with the public, whether they are potential customers or not should always be courteous and professional.

Create a website

Our lives and the world we live in are hyper connected in unprecedented ways. The internet is by far the number one tool used to research and discover businesses. A website is essential to maintaining and growing a customer base while also displaying and reinforcing legitimacy.

Have Social Media Pages

While we have entire articles devoted to social media, it’s something we cannot emphasize enough. Starting with Facebook and Twitter, you should work to grow your network. You should include links, contact information, and key information on all your social media accounts so anyone searching for you can find the answers to their questions.

Think Long-term

This point has a lot of implications. What you do online could potentially be there forever. You want to make sure that the brand you create fits with where you see your business heading. This is also an important viewpoint to remember when communicating with customers because a happy customer could tell one or two friends, while an unhappy customer might tell 20.

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