Okay, so you’re the only Moonlighter in your area. Now what?

So you’ve downloaded Moonlighting and checked out the Global opportunities. Very promising, you think. Navigate over to the Local opportunities and drum roll… nothing. Nothing? Okay, so you’re the only Moonlighter in your area. Now what?

Clearly all hope is lost, might as well retreat with hands raised, right? Not a chance!

When interacting with a platform such as Moonlighting, there’s a natural need to see content. A feeling that says you need a screen chock full of material in order to start using it, to start benefiting from it. The little voice says well there’s nothing here, no way I can use it now – I’ll just leave three voicemails for that friend who once mentioned their awesome babysitter…

Using a member of your trusted network to get stuff done? Well there you go! This is exactly what Moonlighting is tapping into. Our platform gives huge potential in an already growing market with the help of your own untapped trusted network. And the good news is, you already have one of the biggest key components: that trusted, reliable network of peers. This network is where everything happens: from the travel of news to valuable connections. It’s time to put it to work for you.

By nature, Moonlighting represents the possibility to create something from nothing. It’s the chance to fill idle time, and in this case idle space, with possibility. We’re all Moonlighting to some degree, whether we know it or not. So a lack of content in your local opportunities doesn’t mean a lack of opportunity, it simply means a chance to activate your indispensable trusted social network. It invites you to be innovative, to define your local market and to post and share on the marketplace with contacts you know and trust. Moonlighting gives you a stake in your future, so join us, and live life on your terms.

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