The Responsibility of the Moonlighter.. Marketplace Safety Is a Priority

The safety of the Moonlighting community is our top priority. Moonlighting gives the user the power to be both the consumer and the merchant, a marvelous development in the sharing economy. Even with a platform that provides endless opportunities it is important to maintain an air of personal responsibility, just as in every other part of your life.

On that note, here are some tips from Moonlighting headquarters on how you can utilize Moonlighting’s features to better inform decision-making and ensure your safety:


1. Work with people you know and trust: Friends, family, friends of friends and even your extended network of college classmates are all great networks to tap into.

  • Use the share feature after posting a job to ensure you can hire or be hired by trusted and reliable sources.
  • There are however, great Moonlighters to be found – even ones you don’t know! If you find a prospective Moonlighter who is not already in your trusted network, run a quick Google Search to make sure everything looks clean.


2. Contact: Regardless of whether you are seeking to hire or be hired always contact your prospective employer, employee via our contact button. This will ensure you both understand the terms of the job description moving forward.


3. Keep Personal Information Private: Moonlighting always keeps your contact preferences private until a Moonlighter requests to contact you. To change these go to menu>contact preferences and then check the desired method of contact. Keep all other information private unless it directly pertains to the nature of the job.

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