Before and After: “Make Money Now”. Make the most of your post!

After you’ve downloaded the app, you’re ready to start making money now. In order to help you get the most work with your skills, and more money in your pocket, we thought we’d give you an example of a revamped post along with some simple steps to help you create a compelling post!




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1. Sell Yourself with a Title: Once you have your idea, come up with a straightforward title. You will want to keep your opportunity focused as opposed to open ended. People are more likely to respond when they know exactly what they’re getting. Don’t make your fellow Moonlighters guess, give it to ’em straight.

2. Be Descriptive: Now you want to write a summary that focuses on the core skills you can provide. Excess background   information isn’t necessary, include specific information such as availability, and core skills. This will help the people looking at your post determine if you are a good hire.

3. Pick a price: Unless your job is a one time deal, list the price as a package. For example: instead of listing an open-ended opportunity for a unclear price of $20, list your skills for what they are: $200 for one hour of quality photography plus editing. Don’t be afraid to list your skills for what they’re worth – people will pay for quality – remember, you’re worth it!  Interesting fact: the typical closing transactions are actually over $100.

4. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures: Let’s spice up your post with pictures. Everyone loves to see an enticing image to get them hooked.

5. Share: Don’t underestimate the power of sharing with your own networks, word of mouth and your own social networks can help you turn that passion into a career!

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