HerCampus article on the Moonlighting Movement, by Ellie Conley

her-campus-logoMiami University of Ohio student, Ellie Conley, writes an in-depth article, “Make Money Fast With Moonlighting, An App Made By A Miami Grad” published on HerCampus. Conley interviews Co-Founder, Jeff Tennery, and elaborates on the numerous ways college students and millennials alike can start Moonlighting, today!

“Picture this — it’s snowing at 2 a.m. on a Friday night and you’re at Side Bar, ready to venture home. You take out your phone to call a taxi for a ride to avoid having your legs go numb from walking, while wishing you wouldn’t have worn a dress. But the taxis won’t answer; they’re all busy. So you click on an app called “Moonlighting” and send out a message saying, “Looking for an immediate ride home,” and you determine how much you’re willing to pay. Within seconds a sober friend sees your cry for help and they’re on their way. You helped your friend make some money and you got home safely. This is what life is like when you use the free Moonlighting app…

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PDF Version: Make-Money-Fast-With-Moonlighting-An-App-Made-By-A-Miami-Grad

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