Before and After: “Get Stuff Done”. Make the most of your post!

After you’ve downloaded the app, you’re ready to start getting stuff done. But in order to help you find the best help available, we thought we’d give you an example of a revamped post along with some simple steps to help you create a compelling post!





1. Sell it with a Title: Once you have your idea, come up a straightforward title. Keep It Simple. You don’t need to give the entire description in the title. Shorten it down as much as possible without losing key information.

2. Be Descriptive: Now you want to write a summary that focuses on what the person will actually be doing. Excess background   information isn’t necessary. For this you will want to include specific information such as time constraints, general location and specific tasks and or skills required. This will help the people looking at your post determine if they are right for the job.

  • Make sure you have selected your desired contact preferences. Here’s how: menu > contact preferences > select preferred method of contact

3. Pick a price: Unless your job is a one time, one hour deal, list the price as a package. For example: a Babysitter you hope to have come twice a week, five hours each day you should list the price as $150 as opposed to $15 (the presumed hourly rate). Interesting fact: the typical closing transactions are actually over $100.

4. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures: Let’s spice up your post with pictures. Everyone loves to see an enticing image to get them hooked.

5. Share: Don’t underestimate the power of sharing with your own networks!

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