Eating My Own Dog Food

One of the most elusive jobs I’ve posted on the Moonlighting Marketplace is for a puppy trainer. That’s right – I have a puppy. If starting a business and managing a house with five kids wasn’t enough, we decided to add a now 16-week old Golden Retriever to the mix. He’s a lot of work, and at the rate things are going not only will we need to hire a trainer, but also buy a lot more dog food in the attempt to keep up with Ranger’s growth!

My puppy isn’t the only one eating dog food. I’ve been eating a lot more of my own dog food at Moonlighting, and let’s just say I’ve been taking it very seriously. Whereas some believe the term “eating your own dog food” originates from Alpo commercials in the 1970s where actor Lorne Greene fed his own dogs the product. Others cite the CEO of Kal Kan Pet Food eating a can of dog food at a shareholder meeting.

Fast-forward to today, and you will find this founder taking this advice to heart and eating my company’s dog food. Good thing our product is digital and so much more easily digestible.

Since the launch of Moonlighting, I have found myself using the marketplace to optimize my life and make the chaos more manageable.

For inspiration, look no further than the laundry list of items I accomplished in just two weeks time:

Posted for and paid three amazing marketing consultants (got 11 responses across the country too)
Posted for and paid the caterer for our company launch party
Posted for and paid two bartenders to work the launch party
Found and paid a freelance photographer and videographer to work at our launch party
Posted and paid a web designer to clean up defects on our company web site (
Found and bought handmade survival bracelets from a 14-year-old budding entrepreneur
“Quick Paid” a friend who gave me some free media consultation as a thank you
Posted for and paid a professional car detailer who rescued the inside of my wife’s suburban (with our five kids you can imagine the amount of French fries and goldfish removed)
Posted and found an SAT tutor for my son
Shared on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter dozens of open jobs to help my friends make money or get stuff done
With everything I’ve been able to accomplish, Moonlighting makes eating my own dog food very easy. Yet it seems ironic, that the one job that has eluded me most in the early days of the Moonlighting Marketplace is the one that involves canines.

As we embark on redefining the way you earn a living, it is our hope that the legions of Moonlighters out there see the incredible potential for opportunity that surrounds them daily. If this dog-food eating Moonlighter, father of five has his way, he will change the way we all look at getting things done forever. And maybe with any luck, even find a dog trainer.

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