Seasonal Moonlighting Tips

So.. You’re Moonlighting!
The Fall season brings with it a questionable (but loved) number of pumpkin spiced recipes to your kitchen, as well as a plethora of family members who will soon clog your driveway and throw your routine out-of-wack. Per usual this time of year: the to-do lists grow but the time to get said to-do list done, does not. Good thing you’re Moonlighting.

Here are five cool ideas to utilize others’ skills and time to conquer your to-do list:

Holiday Shopping
Hire that fellow Moonlighter, who has some extra time, to do the grunt work on your kid’s christmas lists so that you have time to enjoy the Fall, and all those tedious orders still get checked off.

Take cooking classes or hire someone to do your cooking for you
Great food is a trademark of the Fall and holiday season. Find a cooking class on Moonlighting to amp up your skills before the family members start rolling in, or if you have room for an investment – hirer a caterer or personal chef to do the cooking for you.

Holiday Party Event Coordinator and Decorator
Another trademark of the holiday season is a great party. Find someone in your area to help you plan and design for the perfect holiday party – whether it be a brunch, a dinner or a festive cocktail party. There is certainly some untapped potential in the area just waiting to help you create your perfect party, so you can spend more time actually enjoying the party with the people you love.

Trick or Treating
Who doesn’t want to take their own kids trick or treating? To see the magical twinkle in their eye as well as the early stages of a cavity is oh-so rewarding. However the task in itself is daunting with sugar levels at an all time high and kids running amuck. So hire some family friends through Moonlighting to join the family for the evening to help keep your kids on track!

Personal Trainer
Not that you need one but hiring a personal trainer can be a great way to maintain your health and fitness goals throughout the holiday season. Forming a schedule with one will ensure you don’t flake.

Newsflash: You can also be the one to offer these skills; it’s no secret that this season strips our pockets of some very much needed funds.

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