The Moonlighting Revolution

After the great depression hit in the 30’s the term ‘Moonlighting’ was born. Many people had to turn to second and third jobs to support their families.

They say history repeats itself. And in 2008 it nearly did. Now, nearly 6 years removed from the great recession, there is a similar employment phenomena taking root in our society. Government stats show the unemployment rate declining but the truth is legions of potential workers are dropping out of the search altogether.

Today, many of us are starting to behave in a similar fashion to our parents and grand parents who survived the great depression. Only in this generation, we are actually embracing the idea that we can work multiple jobs, and relish the opportunity to do so. Life-style and personal time are equally as important to us as we strive to find solutions that can enrich our lives.

In an on-demand world of high tech and social consciousness, many of us would prefer to earn a living in a wide variety of ways. Instead of succumbing to the conventional corporate world of full time employment, we are much more inclined to pursue opportunities that match their interests with a greater good.

A new age of Moonlighters are being born, a generation that doesn’t want to follow in the orthodox manner we were taught as first time entrants into the work force. Our parents told us we needed to go work at a Fortune top 500 company for 30 years, earn a pension and retire with the gold watch down to Florida.

We are smarter than that, and more skeptical, having watched our parents or grandparents get screwed out of promises made from employers’ decades ago. In this new era of the shared economy, we can question the establishment and challenge the sanctity of traditional full time employment. Why? Because we no longer trust the man!

New marketplaces like Uber are emerging to address this societal shift and give people a tool to participate in this free lance movement. Challenge is, not everyone can participate in the ride-sharing business nor do they particularly want to. It’s far too limiting and restrictive to assume that all we want to drive taxis or rent our homes. What we really want is a wider variety of choice, from companies who can deliver solutions that can transcend any one particular employment sector.

The world needs a solution that provides us the artistic freedom to pursue our own individual dream. Ride sharing, while very popular, assumes that everyone wants to drive for a living. As a father of 5 kids, the last thing I want to do is drive for a living.

At Moonlighting, the tag line “Opportunity. Everywhere” speaks to everyone who wants to be empowered to take hold of whatever idea we have for earning a living. The mobile generation we now live in has altered many different paradigms in today’s world including media consumption, social networking and all around communications. And now, with Moonlighting, its about to redefine the way we earn a living.

And so a new dawn begins for the Moonlighters of the world, like you and me. The movement is upon us. With Moonlighting in your pocket, 24/7/365, we are about to revolutionize the way we view income and earnings. We join the Moonlighting rebellion not because we have to, like our ancestors did, but because we choose to.

Some say Moonlighting is just an app, or a platform or even a marketplace. That’s all corporate speak for companies who want to be Uber. At Moonlighting, we think our mission is much bigger than that. Moonlighting is a movement towards aligning your personal goals with your employment capability. Moonlighting is a cause for action to a new generation of workers that will not compromise their values nor surrender the ideology of work/life balance.

When you think about it, we all have a little ‘Moonlighter’ in us and we want our cake and eat it too. From moms to millennials, from teenagers to retirees, we all have the intellect and social media savvy to pull it off. As we endeavor to re-write the way we make a living, tools like Moonlighting will satisfy our insatiable thirst to achieve more and lead a richer and more meaningful life.

History says movements begin with a spark, someone questioning conventional wisdom and challenging the status quo. Starting today, Moonlighting is that someone, and begging the question to the world. Why aren’t you Moonlighting?

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