Welcome to Moonlighting

Welcome to Moonlighting.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be launching the first ever mobile-first marketplace that enables people around the world to buy and exchange goods, and set up and undertake jobs in real-time.

Moonlighting was built to allow job seekers, job posters, or anyone that needs to tap into a commerce marketplace an opportunity to connect in a fast, simple and personal way, and get jobs done in a manner that is fitting for the new mobile age that we live in.

Moonlighting is about immediacy, productivity, convenience and removing the restrictions and unnecessary formalities that have been built into today’s antiqued systems.

We will be sharing more info on the Moonlighting platform soon, but in the meantime, we will be turning to our blog to provide insight into where we see opportunity and how are addressing what we see as major gaps in the market.

At Moonlighting, we allow people to get things done. There is opportunity everywhere. Stay tuned.

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