MicroJobs, Macro Opportunities

To many people, ‘microjobs’ are looked at as inconsequential, and are seen as temporary work that may require little to no skills. This definition is incredibly limiting and inaccurate, and in today’s challenging economy, microjobs can play a valuable role in helping people bridge paychecks or create small revenue streams on the side.

For some of the hardest hit sectors, such as stay at home moms and students (many of which are buried under student loan debt), the microjobs sector is providing fast access to cash; and for those people who are looking for help, quick access to a burgeoning labor force.

In today’s hyper-charged market, our mobile devices allow us as consumers to find relevant, immediate information, and mircojobs work in the same way. Need someone to weed your garden, need tutoring help for a test tomorrow, or do you need to be able to pay your rent this month…all of these scenarios can be solved with microjobs.

However, many of today’s platforms are built on the idea that consumers have a mountain of time or desire to fill out lengthy, online-based applications for microjobs. Many of these sites are further restricted by geography or are vertically-oriented, putting even more burden on the revenue seekers to find relevant opportunities.

This approach is fundamentally flawed. We need to think about the consumer, and make the process as easy as possible. Think about it—if you had the choice between getting quick payback for a used book you wanted to sell, if you were able to get someone to your house to paint your fence or weed your garden, or if you were able to pay your rent and/or put a little extra money in your child’s IRA; wouldn’t you want to do that where and when YOU desired. Not where/when some online service made the opportunity available for you?

Microjobs need to create and satisfy opportunity at the speed of mobile…otherwise they are something else entirely.

There are new ‘microjobs’ companies sprouting up all the time, all with different user experiences/expectations, payment methods and costs, and in many cases, they simply don’t live up to the needs of the community they are trying to serve.

This is why we created Moonlighting. To build a better platform, which would uniquely meet the needs of microjobs community.

For more on the Micro Jobs world, check out a background article on the market written by Work at Home Moms’ expert, Laureen Miles Brunelli : http://workathomemoms.about.com/od/Micro-Jobs-Crowdsourcing/a/What-Is-A-Micro-Job.htm

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