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The future workforce is freelance, remote, and always learning. We’ve found a better way for freelancers to grow their careers, and for companies to find great 1099 talent quickly.

Our Verified On-Demand Workforce™ platform connects companies hiring 1099 contractors with verified remote, freelance, contract, and hourly talent. Plus, freelancers can upskill, get affordable health, retirement, and other benefits at no additional cost to companies, all while saving hundreds to thousands of dollars each year on their insurance premiums.


PRESS RELEASE: Technology Freelancer Marketplace Names Rachael Mahoney Co-CEO

Freelancer marketplace technology company CareerGig has named co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Rachael Mahoney as co-CEO and co-Chairman of the Board, the Palo Alto, California and Arlington, Virginia-based startup announced today. Co-founder and current CEO Greg Kihlstrom will also transition into the co-CEO role.

CareerGig and BeachCoders Form Alliance to Deliver Technology Education

BeachCoders and CareerGig announced today that they have joined forces to fulfill the increasing demands of today’s evolving workforce and economics. CareerGig, the online marketplace that provides diverse insurance, financial, and education benefits to freelancers and contractors looks to draw on its 850,000+ registered users to fulfill the hiring needs of BeachCoders®, an industry leading web coding ‘bootcamp’ that uniquely enables students to control the depth and pace of their technology education.